About Terra Beaute

Established in 2018 by four visionary leaders namely Hilmy, Nisa, Rifi, and Sandy. Hilmy, whose profession is a dentist and Nisacookie, a digital influencer has been experimenting on skincare products both local and global. After many trials and errors, the compatibles and incompatibilities has got them thinking..."Why not making their own?". One that would meet every need of all types of skin which would only be made of the most premium and best substance qualities. They are also equipping both the local and global skincare product.

With this similar eureka of ideas, they finally devoted themselves on doing research on making the most compatible skincare product that fits their types of skin, and everyone skin whether for men or woman.

They had done the research since 2018 up until the end of 2019 looking for the best skincare substances which brings us to the very first TerraBeaute product called Aurum Radiance Serum. From then on, they have been developing other cutting edge skincare products until this very moment.

On the other hand, Sandy and Rifi were not willing to miss the opportunity of providing the best packaging for the best skincare which is not only enchanting but also an eco-friendly one.

As they uphold the name Terra Beaute which means natural beauty, they will always keep thriving to develop other products that will always prevail the natural beauty of yours.